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Sun Protection Fix

An aqua spray rich in vitamins, minerals and high SPF.

It immediately offers a sense of deep hydration and freshness, while at the same time fixes the most intense, everyday or professional makeup.

Enriched with vitamins and natural herbal organic extracts, protects the skin from a wide spectrum of sun radiation and acts as an anti inflammatory and anti aging agent. At the same time hydrates and intensively refreshes and protects the skin not only from the sun radiation, all year around for every climate, but helps exchanging toxifying agents of the skin, with nutrient and anti aging factors.

Softens protects and soothes the epidermis.

Spray it on your face before and/or after applying makeup and get a long lasting cosmetic result and sun protection.

Made mostly of herbal organic substances.

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The main task of modern skin care cosmetics, is without doubt, the preservation of a youthful, healthy condition and appearance of the skin.

In addition, we all can expect, that the accurate and effective skin care products, eliminate small or big deforming expressions and features from the human skin. Those deformities are produced due to stress, aging, environmental and somatic factors, without contrariwise preserving and ensuring at the same time, an optimal equilibrium between all the skin functions.



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