Our mission

The modern and scientific approach in the development of cosmetics, with an enormous veneration to the ambient flora and fauna

Our company

The main task of modern skin care cosmetics, is without doubt, the preservation of a youthful, healthy condition and appearance   of the skin.

In addition, we all can expect,  that the accurate and  effective skin care products, eliminate small or big deforming expressions and features from the human skin. Those deformities are produced due to stress, aging, environmental and somatic factors, without contrariwise preserving and ensuring at the same time, an optimal equilibrium between all the skin functions.

The extremely composite physical processes in the skin-connective tissue, regarding its hydration, capacity, elasticity, pliability, regeneration and healing, is dependent on the presence or absence of beneficial nutritive, or undesirable toxic for the skin, elements.

The age related changes affecting specifically the connective tissue of the skin, is the subject of continuous research in depth, by the disciplines of Plastic Surgery, Medicine and of course Cosmetology.  All the results, are studied constantly, resulting in new findings and more advanced  formulas for making thoughtful cosmetic products.

 Prof Theodore Voukidis , well-known globally Plastic Surgeon, is the founder of the  “DrV-Medicart”  A forerunner firm in the field of cosmetology for the last 20 years.

Prof Theodore Voukidis him self, all those years as well, is essentially  contributing in discovering, creating and manufacturing of well-known cosmetic products for international renowned famous brands.

The DrV cosmetics, are the exclusive contemporary line using all the experience, knowledge and bright ideas of Prof Theodore Voukidis. These products are distributed Globally, introducing and presenting to the classy consumers, the cutting edge in Cosmetology. The final product, is the fruit of the willingness and efforts of all the scientists working in this field in our group. All of them, are constantly and tirelessly aiming to the aforementioned, development and manufacture, using the most natural ingredients, scientifically advanced formulas and individualized production for the distinct types of skin.

Prof Theodore Voukidis  MD, PhD, FACS,  ISAPS